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December 7, 2010

Problem: D.P. Electric, a Phoenix-based electrical contracting firm, was working on an out-of-town project in Tucson, Arizona. The contractor earned a contract in November 2009 to install the wiring, switchgear, lighting, and conduit for the expansion of the Pima County Psych and Crisis Center. In March of 2010, the contractor needed materials for the project, but it had limited on-site storage. Because its office and storage facilities were 120 miles away from the job site, the company needed a way to not only store materials, but also to provide office space for its management team.

Solution: D.P. Electric turned to Brown Wholesale, a division of WESCO in Tucson, which provided both off-site storage and office space near the project to the contractor. Brown Wholesale subleased a 10,000-square-foot dry storage warehouse to D.P. Electric during the length of the project. The warehouse, which has since been expanded to 18,000 square feet, is large enough for the contractor to not only safely store materials, but also to perform prefab work in a controlled environment. In addition, the warehouse features offices, where the project management team can conduct interviews with potential employees and supervisors away from the job site, which ensures privacy.

Cost $avings: If D.P. Electric had to lease its own property, it would most likely need to pay $3,000 in rent for about 15 months, which would equal about $45,000, said Rod Hughes, Branch manager for Brown Wholesale, a division of WESCO in Tucson, Arizona. In addition, the contractor saved about $15,000 in labor costs by assembling equipment before it was delivered to the job site, he said.

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