Shedding New Light On Material Delivery

October 4, 2010

Problem: Barth Electric, an electrical contracting firm founded in 1945, won a contract to retrofit all of the light fixtures within a five-story office building in Indianapolis, Indiana. During the eight-month project, the electricians had to remove the T-12 magnetic ballasts and update them with T-8 electronic ballasts.

Because the electricians were working at an existing facility rather than on a new construction project, storage was almost non-existent for the lighting fixtures, said Paul Shinkle, director of purchasing for Barth Electric.

Solution: To solve its problem, Barth Electric turned to WESCO, which stored the material in a nearby warehouse. WESCO then made daily deliveries to the jobsite. Rather than delivering the fixtures to one central location at the complex, WESCO employees brought them directly to the specific floor where they were to be installed.

“They delivered all of the materials to the rooms where the electricians were working, so we could put all of our manpower in that area, and they could go to town,” Shinkle said.

Cost $avings: Because the contractor did not have to deal with downtime and material handling, the company saved both time and money.

“We probably had a 25% savings because we didn’t have to handle or store the materials,” Shinkle said.

Shinkle said his company has done a fair amount of work with WESCO, in terms of storing lighting products.

“It has become a necessity on almost every project we have,” he said. “We will look to WESCO in the future because of how they’ve handled it in the past.”


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